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Karin Carr has Mastered YouTube for Real Estate Agents

Karin Carr is a realtor and in just 10 weeks she created a series of videos that sold her  homes and launched a side business as a thought-leader teaching other agents how to do the same.

We had a chance to sit down with Karin to discuss how the YouTube for Real Estate Agents has helped her grow her visibility, authority and revenue with YouTube. 

 Why Did You Start A YouTube Channel?

Karin: I’m a real estate agent and it was simply to get buyers and sellers who want to buy and sell a house in my city to hire me as their agent. And so I was brand new to the city. Nobody knew me. I had no name recognition. I was starting from square one, even though I’d been a real estate agent for, I don’t know, 12 or 13 years at the time, but I had no clients. And so I thought I would do it for name recognition and branding had no idea how well it would actually work until people started coming out of the woodwork saying, “we want to hire you. What do I have to do to get you to take me on as a client?” People felt like they were competing for my attention, and I was like, “this is crazy.”

The more I made videos saying, “Hey, are you thinking about selling a house? Are you thinking about buying a house?” Other real estate agents started following my channel. And then they would reach out to me and say, “what are you doing? Why is it working? Are you actually getting business from this?”

And I would tell anyone who would listen. Yes. And not only am I getting business from it, they’re the best clients you will ever get in your whole life, because they’ve already chosen you. By the time they pick up the phone and call you. And other agents started asking if I would coach them. And I said, the amount of time, like I am so busy right now, I, there are not enough hours in the day. I don’t have time. So as I grew my business and I hired assistance, and then I got a team going, I had buyer’s agents.

I said, well, you know, apparently there’s a lot of demand for this. So I’m going to teach other real estate agents.

And that completely took off too. So yes, and I have two channels. Now, one is for real estate agents. One is for consumers in the Savannah area market who are thinking of buying and selling a house. And they are both. That’s where all of my business comes from.

Why Did You Join the YouTube Consulting Program?

Karin: I was having a lot of success with both channels, but I’m not a video expert. I am a real estate agent who is, I think that I’m a pretty good teacher. So I’m able to implement what I’ve learned and teach other real estate agents. But I just wanted to go deeper. I wanted to learn more about the YouTube algorithm.

I wanted to learn more about how to go from a search based strategy, getting into the suggested category, showing up in browse, like how do you make your channel just blow up.

So instead of making a video that gets a hundred views or a thousand views, or even, you know, I think my most, my biggest video gets about 30,000 views, which is amazing. How do you make that explode where suddenly the video goes viral and then your whole channel just starts performing better.

I started following Owen on YouTube. I stalked his channel for a very, very long time and then started downloading his lead magnets off his website. And once I talked to you guys, and you said, “we’ve got this intensive program where we can teach you this kind of stuff.” I was all in.

Owen Video teaches YouTube for Real Estate Agents


And I just want my channel to really blow up where I’m now being mentioned in the same sentence, as some of those really big real estate coaches that have dominated our market for the last 20 years.

What Were Your Biggest Breakthroughs?

Karin: I’m really learning how to craft a good story. I have to say that that’s never been one of my strengths. I feel like I’m good on camera and I know what to say, and I know how to be natural on camera and let my personality show through, but I didn’t really know how to tell a good story and how to move the video along and keep people watching as long as possible.

So I feel like I’m really getting a good training on like how to tell the story so that you draw people in and they just don’t want to leave. They stay to the end, really getting to understand how, how important it is to have a great thumbnail and a great title long before you upload your video.

I was guilty of they’re an afterthought, and I know that they’re important, but I spend all the time making a good video and uploading it. And that I was coming up with a thumbnail an hour ahead of time.

And so really learning how to be more strategic with my thumbnail as well as a more compelling title, not just a, how to do XYZ, making the title itself more compelling and creating some sort of emotional response and the person who reads it and that gets them to click on it. And then that makes the whole video perform better because you’re getting a higher click through rate and all the things that’s probably been my greatest wins so far.

So I’ve definitely increased my subscriber count. I’ve definitely increased my views I get in the first couple of days. Once the video goes live, it’s kind of like you, you raise your baselines. And Suggested! I’m getting so much more views now from the Suggested algorithm! My most recent came from 78% suggested! 


What Were Your Results?

The YouTube for Real Estate Agents program first works on the hook and thumbnail strategies. For Karin’s first video using the strategies, she DOUBLED her views in a third of the time! 


Next Karin began implementing some strategies in the formatting of her show so she could keep her views engaged and watching longer. Not only did she get an increase in views right away but she saw the viewer retention maintain over the course of the video whereas before her analytics showed viewers were dropping off earlier in the video. 

After she saw increases in views and retention we went to work on creating clickable, intriguing titles and “Silos” for her channel to keep people binging on her content. It started with a creating a video style and topic she had never done before. But she trusted Owen and took the risk, fearing she’d fail.

It was a hit!

Between the thumbnail, title, format, and silo strategy– she was seeing increases in every category since starting the YouTube for Real Estate Agents program. The graph Karin shared in the group showed that this video was far exceeding the views and retention than any other video she had done before. 


Has Your Business Grown in Revenue Because of YouTube for Real Estate Agents? 

Karin: It absolutely has! When the coronavirus hit and we pretty much went on lockdown as of March 16th here in Savannah. We, you know, we were housebound like everybody else, and you’re not able to really go out and work. And a lot of real estate agents were panicking big time, because if you can’t be out there meeting with people face to face and getting them to say, I want to hire you. Then you don’t have a pipeline and you don’t have closings and you don’t have money coming in and you don’t, you’re not putting food on the table. So for us to be able to increase our view, count our click through rate and all of those things, we’ve had no slowdown in our business whatsoever. We’ve in fact, increased our business and we get great leads.

Owen has formats for every kind of video out there. Immediately into the Intensive she used his GREAT Video format for a sales video she released for her coaching program. The sales video was a hit! She closed a 50k launch and just recently a 100k launch. 

Karin Carr results from YouTube for Real Estate Agents

Karin uses the strategies she’s learned in YouTube for Real Estate Agents not only on her coaching channel but also on her listing channel and the leads are increasing there as well: 

Karin: I mean, we got a lead the other day from a couple that’s moving here from California and their budget is 900,000 in Savannah. Our median price is 240 k. So a $900,000 buyer is like way, way, way into the luxury market for us. And that was so exciting. My buyer’s agent, who’s the one that got that lead was like jumping up and down for joy because that’s going to be a really big payday for her when that closes.

So, yeah, it’s been amazing to us that when other people are really panicking, that their business is going down the drain, ours is still on the rise.

What’s the Goal for Her Next Round in The Intensive with Owen Video?

Karin: I just do whatever Owen tells me to do. Hahaha. Well, we’re trying to systematize my process a little bit more. It’s very difficult having two full time businesses. In addition to my YouTube gig, I mean It’s like, you’re trying to run a real estate business. You’re trying to run a coaching practice. And then you’re trying to make YouTube videos on top of it. And organization has not always been one of my strong suits. And so that’s what we’re trying to work on is how can we delegate and systematize so that this just becomes a well oiled machine. I want to make more videos faster. That’s what will grow my channel even more. And I don’t want to feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off all the time.

Karin has already DOUBLED her subscribers since joining the Intensive from a little above 2k to almost 5k and as Owen and her work on dialing in her workflows to simplify her process, the goal is to double her subscribers again to 10k as of this date. 

The YouTube Authority Intensive is a 10-week fast-paced coaching program with Owen Video where you will implement the strategies to scale your visibility, authority, and profitability with YouTube.

If you are looking to grow your channel or launch a new one, you will learn the strategies from Owen’s own Video Process to Profit System including how to plan, produce, and publish and promote engaging and branded video content systematically.

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