Video Generates Better Real Estate Leads When You Do These 3 Things

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Anyone can produce video now. The web and YouTube are full of shaky home tour videos but also hi-end Drone footage of multi-million dollar listings. Doing video is a no brainer because it generates a better real estate lead.

Here’s why. Let’s say you make a video called “How to buy a home in a gated community.” It’s 6 minutes long and you have a link to your website contact page in the description box.  When that lead emails your office, you already know this:

They are interested in your video topic
They watched 6 minutes of it
They decided to contact you
Looked for your contact info
Then clicked and emails

That person is not a shopper. They want to work with YOU!

The question is how do they work with you?

If you’re trying to sell a specific listing then one-off videos may work (they may not) but if you’re trying to create a career-spanning brand that generates inbound leads then you’re going to take an entirely different approach.

You might even take three different approaches.

In this video, I’m going to explain three specific tactics that any Real Estate Agent can use. I’m going to show you how to use video as a cohesive content strategy that will replace ALL YOUR OTHER MARKETING EFFORTS.

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Owen Video

Owen Video is the CEO of Owen Video where we teach service-based business owners how to get more customers FASTER with online video marketing. Owen is a pioneer in the industry and a regular contributor to Tubebuddy, Agorapulse, GetResponse Email Marketing, and BeLive.TV and he's also the host of The Business of Video Podcast.

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