Tips for On-Location Shooting

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On-location video shoots are the best way to demonstrate the culture and care that your business provides to your customers. There is no amount of images, animations, or voice-over work that will outperform the experience a viewer receives when watching your business live and in-action. This page will prepare you for the excitement of having a shooter on your property for a few hours.

Have a clutter-free environment

High definition video will pick up the wrinkles on your eyelids so the trash and mess around your desk or administration area will appear larger than life! Take the time to tidy up the area. Empty trashcans, organize your stacks and piles to appear neat, move coffee mugs into the kitchen, and remove posters, calendars, and images of people that may come off as “unmentionable” or even superfluous.

Prepare your team

Let your team know that a professional videographer will be arriving at your location and that they should be dressed in their best work attire and cleanly shaven. DO NOT OVER DRESS! Viewers will expect to see you in what you are wearing and if you decide to “doll up” for your video you are creating a false expectation. Wear what you would normally wear to work but make sure your shirts are clean and ironed. Similarly, if you have testimonials and teammates coming in to speak to the camera, make sure they are there on time. Videospot shooters are on a schedule and you will be billed for time spent waiting on late employees or customers.

Know what you’re going to say

Not every video shoot includes a testimonial or speaker but if your video includes a speaking part be sure to prepare your thoughts before arriving. Remember, viewers are not watching your video to make sure you say the right words. Viewers want to get a sense of your character and whether or not they would like doing business with you. By having a strong idea of how you would like to promote your company, you’ll appear trustworthy and confident.

Imaging the camera is a person

Even the sharpest of business people can stutter in front of the lights and cameras. If you appear nervous you may communicate that you’re shady or not trustworthy. Don’t let the mechanical eye of the camera throw you off kilter. Instead, imagine the camera as your preferred buyer and speak to it as you would a human who casually asks you about your business.

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