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You are scheduled to be a guest on one of our INCREDIBLE live podcasts. Please check your email in just a few moments for a confirmation from our team. The show producer will reach out to you soon to confirm your bio and links to ensure we’re promoting you the right way.

In the meantime, please review this page to see how you can make the most of your live stream interview. Live stream audiences are very forgiving but if you’re like me – you always like to put your best foot forward. Here are some idea:


  1. Use a professional microphone – The ATR 2100 is a perfect mic for Mac or PC users and connected to your computer automatically with a USB connection.
  2. Get a Better Webcam – Your computer webcam is probably fine but if you want to look AMAZING then you may want to pick up a very simple webcam. Here is what we suggest:

    Most Affordable Webcam- this is the webcam that we use and it’s amazing. If you’re a budget buyer, this cam will do the trick.

    A bit Better – similar to above, this is a slightly better, newer model that doesn’t break the bank.

    the 4k Version – If you don’t mind spending a little dough, this webcam will take you into the future.

  3. Be in a well-lit area – the best place to be is in facing a window but if you can’t make that happen, you might want to try picking up a light like this.
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