How to make Real Estate Listing Videos – Tips from Owen Video

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How to make Real Estate Listing Videos – Tips from Owen Video

Real Estate Listing videos are very popular for advertising in real estate business. Many realtors are adapting video marketing strategy to increase their business. For example, found out that 85% of buyers prefer agents who use videos rather than print advertising. Buyers want to experience virtual tour of the house while doing their research to purchase a house. By making listing videos you’re building a network of viewers who are constantly hearing your name and your value statement which will get the leads.

Please check this video to see how to make a Real Estate Listing Videos:

Tips to make effective Listing Video for Real Estate Business:

Equipment checklist

Before making a video, there are items which need to be added to your checklist:

  • Tripod
  • Tripod Adapter
  • Smartphone camera

Establishing Shot / First Shot:

First shot while making a listing video is called Establishing shot. Establishing shot should be a wider view of the house which covers the house whole together and the shot should be not less than 7 seconds.

PANS / Second Shot:

Taking the second shot of the living room is called as “PANS”. Make sure the tripod has an arm for doing  PANS and TILTS. A PAN means the camera moves from left to right and from right to left this is how we show off the whole space. While taking Shots you can use lens Adapter which will make look the image much better. And the second shot should last for 5 to 7 seconds.

TILTS / Third Shot:

TILTS is a camera shot that moves from top to bottom or ViceVersa. This TILTS shot will help to give a tighter look to the room which will look good. It’s an interesting new way to show a room.

We must change the way we show the house to the viewer from static shot to PANS shot where the camera moves from right to left and left to right. And then TILTS shot where the camera moves from top to bottom and Viceversa.

REVEAL / Fourth Shot:

Reveal shot is a more cinematic shot that dramatically “reveals” a new scene/ new space of the house. This shot will improve the production value for your video. Which will increase the curiosity of the viewer.

End Card

End card video is an important video. It is a deciding factor for the company to generate a potential lead. The image should be powerful and position real estate’s details as a text message. The text message can include the realtor details or click this.

By making listing videos you’re a building a network of viewers who are constantly hearing your name and your value statement which will get you leads.

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