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Meet Owen Video – Marketing Coach

I’m Owen Video – Your Coach for the Marketing and Business of Online Video

I wasn’t born Owen Video. My full name is Owen Hemsath but in marketing you want people to remember your name and despite being perfectly phonetic, it’s often mispronounced.

When I was honored as Business of the Year California they butchered my last name in front of hundreds of people. That’s when I decided to change my professional name to Owen Video.

Video Marketing Since Childhood.

In 1988 Santa Claus brought our family a Nintendo Entertainment System and a VHS video camera. I played Nintendo once or twice but I fell in love with the video camera.

Short silly films made up most of my elementary and middle school experience.

In high school I asked my teachers if I could do videos instead of writing papers and I spent hours creating parody videos and sketch comedy videos in the basement with my buddies.

When most of my Orange County friends went off to college I decided to pursue various entrepreneurial jobs in sales and media. Always the first to buy the newest tech with video, and always ahead of everyone on how to use it, I was often the top performing sales person and I always used video marketing to get new customers.

However, not every employer liked my video marketing tactics.

In 2008, despite being the top salesman, I was fired from a radio station for “not following standard practices” (they just didn’t get video yet). That’s when I decided to head to college and get a degree in filmmaking at the ripe old age of 28 years old.

Simple Business Video Marketing

In college, I quickly learned the meaning of the term “starving artist” and decided that lifestyle was not for me.

Without permission and against school policy, I used the film departments camera and went door-to-door shooting marketing videos for local businesses.

The videos were short 90-second marketing videos that could easily be uploaded to YouTube for ranking on Google and business was booming.

One one particular day I sold 17 marketing videos and that’s when I realized I had a business.  I paid my entire college tuition and graduated at the top of my class. On graduation day, I hired 2 of my classmates and we immediately launched my first company with the horrible name of “Simple Business Video Marketing.”

Over 1000 Marketing Videos Later

SBVM easily hit 6-figures in the first year and we changed our name to The Videospot. Since then we’ve filmed over 1000 videos for our clients. In fact, if you’ve ever searched for a local business on Google or YouTube, you’ve probably seen a video we made or assisted in making.

But as camera technology became available on our phones and high-end production became more competitive, it became apparent that small businesses did not need to hire a production team for video marketing but instead they could do it themselves.

It was my revolutionary belief that business people could learn to do video themselves and I could be the one to teach them.

It was at that time that I decided to move the business from video production into video marketing coaching and consultation and was born. Boy was that the right decision!

Before I knew it, my phone was blowing up with phone calls from organizations all over the country asking me to speak, to train, and to empower their members to learn video marketing. We worked with the National Speakers Association, Jeffrey Gitomer, BlitzMetrics, Social Media Examiner, and More.

Not only did we dramatically decrease our costs but we increased our revenue and our popularity.  It seemed like we had finally reached the tipping point but…

That’s When Cancer Tried to Kill Me

After collapsing on my living room floor, I was diagnosed with a 12-centimeter tumor in the middle of my chest on the thymus gland.

The tumor required a sternectomy – which is the medical term for splitting your breastbone apart.

After a sub-total resection (meaning = they could not get the whole tumor) I had to endure 6 months of intensive chemotherapy and 31 straight days of proton radiation therapy.

The struggle of fighting Thymoma cancer while keeping my business alive required creativity and thinking outside the box to remain extremely productive.

It also required rethinking my marketing tactics during that time.

Since I was only able to work 2 weeks out of the month, I had to find tools and workflows that would accomplish twice the work in the same amount of time.

Not only did the business survive, but I actually grew the business 107% over the previous year at the same time.

Cancer gave me every excuse to fold and no one would have blamed me. But I decided to push through and set the pace for cancer patients everywhere.

By the grace of God, the support of my wife and kids, the belief that #lifewins, and the amazing doctors at Scripps Medical Center, I have been cancer free since April of 2016.

I have taken the systems and productivity hacks I learned during Cancer and added them to the BizTube Academy where I teach them to my clients.  Those systems work and my clients have been achieved phenomenal success implementing them into their businesses.

My clients have increased their revenue, speaking gigs, been featured in Forbes, and dominate the search engines with their videos and my marketing systems. My wife decided to quit her 80k salary job to come home to spend more time with our kids and be my business partner.

Video marketing has changed our lives. It’s changed the lives of our clients.

It’s my goal to work with business owners everywhere through Speaking Engagements, my on-demand courses, my Mastermind Group, and Private Consulting to see you grow your business with online video marketing.


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