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See How The Videospot Helped Jenny to Get 1000 Subscribers Overnight

Jenny Gluckown

Case Study: Jennifer Gluckow

Jenny Is a sales expert with a superb background in social selling, speaking, and targeted networking. She excels in helping companies and enterprise-level organizations create dynamic sales programs and increase bottom live revenue.

As a Videospot client, Jenny came on board to build a YouTube channel that would servce as a primary lead generation source for her products and services. As a done-for-you client, Jenny not only hit her goals but did so in record time...

Take a Look at Jennifer's Massive Success on YouTube

When we started, Jenny was backwards. She had multiple YouTube channels set up with tens of videos uploaded incorrectly. While ambitious, her strategy resulted in a flat line of activity. Once Videospot came on board, those numbers changed almost overnight as indicated by the giant SPIKE on the graph...

Step 1: Start From Scratch

Step 2: Create Video Content

Following our 7-Step Process, we moved all of her content onto ONE MAIN CHANNEL and optimized the channel with her branding. We wrote a video format for her to easily produce multiple videos that each have the sames flow & feel. We front-loaded her channel with a series of videos designed for her audience and based on keyword- optimized search terms...

To get video views on her new videos, Videospot coached Jenny to call upon a series of business contacts that we call "Non-Competitive Collaborators". We asked them to share her "launch video" in their email newsletters and on their social media accounts which drove THOUSANDS of users to her YouTube channel. This influx triggered the YouTube algorithm and put her channel into the coveted "Suggested Videos" feature on YouTube.

Step 3: Get Video Views

That's When Things Started to Happen!

Almost Instantly, Jenny Earned THOUSANDS of Views on Her Videos Which Resulted in THOUSANDS of Minutes of Watch Time

This momentum is what we call "Video Velocity." Essentially what it means is that your video takes off and continues to generate more views which turn into more subscribers which in turn, generates continued views and continued subscribers growth. As a business owner on YouTube, it's our goal to create Velocity with as many videos as possible so that you're business drives a steady flow of new traffic that generates more leads which convert into new sales.

And It Didn't Stop There!

Jenny Earned Over 1000 Youtube Subscribers in Under 90 Days

Your Business Can Have the Same Success When You Follow Our Proven 7-Step Process for Video Marketing

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