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I am at Clamourcon with Slice n Rice a comedic couple. They bring fresh comedy from sketches to exploring each other’s Korean and African background. We are here discussing with them how to write comedy sketches.

Here is a Video I am talking with Slice n Rice. To make it easy I curated points on How to write Comedy Sketches, SCROLL DOWN to see.

Latest trends

What is going around should be the main question for a person who want to start to write a sketch before execution. Updating themselves to get the best content out for the comedy sketch is important. You may find some trending topics using Google Trends.

Truth with a touch of comedy

Exposing the truth of your partner or telling truth about the topic you have chosen is considered a value adding to the content. But truth should be told the way the viewer can also enjoy it.


While talking about a topic on your channel one should always try make viewer feel connected. For example, while shooting the eye contact with the screen, lighting in the room every aspect should be considered to make viewer feel connected.

Selecting the content and how to write comedy sketches is considered one part of the story. Execution is another part of the story. Editing of the comedy sketch is really important. Mattew Brooks and Glory Kim told me their experience in the editing part of their comedy sketch.

Comedy depends more on the editing. You look at the reactions of the youtuber while performing the sketch and you edit accordingly:

  • Sound SFX effects
  • Graphics
  • Zoom in and Zoom out

While doing a live, Virtual sound board is used for the sounds in the middle which should be managed well while doing live chat with viewers. This small development will make the viewer stay for longer time in the page.

Tips to make content funny


One should always start experimenting starting from easy to hard level sketches. Each and every level will teach you certain things. We should go to the next level keeping those things in mind and trying to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Being yourself

Presenting oneself to the viewers will make the viewer connect with the youtuber easily. While being yourself in the sketches will give you comfort to act and give 100% justification to the sketch which will be evident to the viewer.

What make you laugh will make others laugh

Youtuber should always remember one important thing. What makes you laugh will make the viewer laugh. Laughter will make people come closer. It applies to everyone and every scenario. Laughter will get the youtuber and viewer come closer.

Don’t try for Perfection

If you require perfection when you write comedy, you’ll end up loathing your writing time. Until you get a joke on stage you’ll never know whether it’s funny or not. Even famous comedians have to test out their material. How to write a comedy sketch will be crucial for any comedian. If you’re doing a joke that’s new, by its very definition you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Don’t try to do great things. Start with simple thing and become expert in it. Comedy sketches needs time and sincere effort to execute as planned. Learn from previous experience and from your audience reaction and feedback to improvise. You may also find tips on how to monetize your ideas using YouTube here.

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