How to Network at a Conference

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How to Network at a Conference

Many of us attend conferences and sometimes wonder what we did during the conference. Networking is one of the crucial things and can be more difficult if you are an introvert. But with a little bit of preparation, it can be handled irrespective of whether you are an extrovert or introvert.

Networking is a process that must take part in before, during and after the event. It leads to new business opportunities and new relationships to paramount your career and business.

Here are some tips that I talked about on How to be prepared for your next business conference.

1. Maintaining your elevator pitch

Practice your elevator pitch before you go. You will be asked questions like, Who are you? What do you do? Why are you attending the conference? So practising your answers ahead of time will help you prepare your thoughts and good for networking.

Here are some tips explaining How to initiate the discussion.

2. Early in time

Try to get to the business conference early and stand near the places where people congregate.

When you first arrive solo attendees will be seeking a friendly connection. Connect with them and ask more questions about them and learn what they do.

3. Create a schedule

Make out a schedule accordingly which panels and presentations you want to attend. So, you don’t miss anything important.

  • Set appointments with people you know you want to meet. Everyone has a busy schedule, but you could coordinate a coffee break or a breakfast meeting with people you definitely want to have a conversation with.

Instead of going back to your place, plan to take advantage of parties and cocktail hours, This is where people let a little more loose, and conversation gets a little stiff.  This is the best place to network. Ask more open-ended questions.

4. Dress to Impress

Conference days tend to be packed from early in the morning until late night, so plan accordingly.

  • Remember, the people who attended for meeting immediately make decission whether you fit for it or not based on your appearance.
  • If you have the personality to pull off wearing a pair of brightly colored sneakers with a suit, go for it. However, a friendly demeanor and great ideas will take you further than anything you could wear.
  • Don’t forget to bring items that will keep you looking and smelling fresh throughout the day.

5. Bring business cards

Passing out business cards is an effective way to give out your contact information. If you don’t have business cards, its worth to get some made.  Keep the design understated and professional.

Last, but most important point is don’t forget to set an appointment with the people you think can collaborate. Ask them for an appointment and meet them in person to start the real conversation.

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