How To Make Sales Online with YouTube Videos

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Do You Have a YouTube Channel but Want to Learn How To Make Actual Sales with it?

Learn to make a sales online with YouTube videos following this simple video sales funnel formula from YouTube expert, Brandon Lucero. Download my YouTube script templates for even more great tips for making sales videos online.

Now this is not making money from advertising–this is making money from your viewers who want to use your services or buy your products. In fact, the Pros are doing it very successfully on Youtube and you can too. These are essential tactics for business owners who want to use video to market their products and services. It’s not about going viral and making money off of ads, but rather marketing well to your TARGET market.

Here are some of the topics we discuss with Brandon.

  1. How to rank your videos on YouTube at a 40% click through rate with valuable, how-to content, key words, and offering valuable link magnets that relate to the video topics and specific types of calls to action that relate to your topic.
  2.  How to sell your audience by getting them on to your email list or marketing to them through Facebook and surveying our audience often. What do you need help with? Create products around what they want.
  3. Determining the threshold of search volume that makes a keyword worth targeting depending on how old your channel is, how many subscribers you have and your authority base. Why shooting for low-ranking search words may be a better option for new channels.
  4. How to use FB and IG to build the YouTube channel and make sales– designing most videos for YouTube but distribute on FB and IG by changing the ending call-to-action that fits the platform you post on it. Post the live full version on YouTube first, then move to the other platforms by breaking it into smaller pieces that link back to the full YouTube video.
  5. How to build a channel from scratch and make money right away without having a ton of subscribers by offering a valuable product or service. Making money off of ads take a long time because you have to push a lot of content and get a lot of views.


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