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How to make a successful YouTube channel

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How to make a successful YouTube channel

How to be a successful YouTuber?

Honestly, there is no equation for a successful YouTube channel. Yet, there are a couple of key fixings that will make your chances for a successful YouTube channel.

YouTube has its own particular principles and its own way that each channel has to take care of. Here, we are going to look into factors and elements that make an effective YouTube channel.

Here are some tips shared by Benji Travis, a man behind many successful Youtube channels.

Optimizing Metadata

The metadata title, description, keywords, and tags are incredibly important to optimize a video. Based on the metadata and tags you use that YouTube displays your videos in their searched lists. At the end of the day, metadata guarantees your videos are discoverable.

When it comes to optimizing your own metadata, use resources such as YouTube’s autocomplete search bar, YouTube Trends, and Google Trends to find the best keywords and tags to use. Include your most important link above, as well as two sentences that describe the content within the video.

Additionally make a point to depict what your channel is about, and let people know where they can follow you. Finally include call to action (usually asking people to subscribe to your channel).


Build a relationship with Vloggers who have similar niches, This isn’t going to occur without any forethought, it might set aside opportunity to team up with different Vloggers. But surely that will benefit you in a way when their audience will start to know you & vice versa.

This is a most effective way to get new subscribers & increased number of views on your video. You can give a shout -out to the channel with whom you want to collaborate with & ask to do the same for you.

Video Thumbnails

Thumbnails should be attractive. Most often though Youtube displays our video in the search results, users decide whether to open the video depending on the Thumbnail. Including your image in the thumbnail would be one good idea.

Make the Thumbnail with bright colors and keep your image along with the relevant content. Including your image gives a personal touch and users might want to open your video.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the reason you are remembered by subscribers regularly. Try not to let subscribers to wait too much for your next video.  They might forget your channel if the frequency of the videos are late. So release at least 1 to 2 videos in every week.


As we know, YouTube top 10 channels are completely based on Entertainment. However it isn’t the situation that exclusive satire or prank videos can express entertainment and get higher rank.

If you have the capability to convey your message by entertaining the people, definitely they will lift you up.

Most of the videos are uploaded to YouTube which are based on tutorials, business, review, education etc but the fact is most of the success on YouTube comes by making your content entertaining. So whatever the content is, always add some entertainment to it. Even if you create a tutorial video, try to teach with entertainment and let them feel as they are enjoying the learning process.

Quality of Content

Most of the YouTube channels from the top 10 popular list publish only content that has high production value. Which means content recorded with proper camera with good surrounding and well equipped setting.

Video quality is important. Basically, if your content doesn’t look like professional, every viewer won’t take you seriously, and this is especially crucial if you’re launching the channel for business purposes.

Here is an interesting story of How Square Videos helps you to get more likes

Creation of an Effective End Card

YouTube allows you to add an end card to the end of your each video. Many YouTubers don’t use this feature at all. Others simply use it to display their logo, which is useless.

Set up an interactive end card that not only prompts people to subscribe your channel, but also cross-promotes your other videos. When you do this, at the end of your videos people will be able to see a couple of your other titles. Even if they don’t want to watch them now, they may think “this channel has some cool stuff!”, and subscribe so they can watch later.

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