How to Launch a Product with Live Streaming

By Owen Video

By Owen Video

When technology brings us more and more new and exciting advancements, it is also a big risk for any business-minded person to juggle online marketing. Entrepreneurs have to be careful where they spend their time, money, and attention. But bear in mind when we say that in 2021, dipping your toes into live video streaming is a breeze. It can also be one of the best business moves you can make.

Today, we will talk about launching your product and getting five or six-figure sales using only live stream video. Maybe you have a product that you’re ready to sell, and perhaps you don’t have anything yet. After this, you will learn to launch your product in five simple ways.

4 Livestreaming Tips For Your Product Launch

You can livestream your product launch on one or more websites – however, a product launch will require everything if you want to be successful. It doesn’t start when the camera starts rotating. It doesn’t stop when they do. Here are some key points to start launching your product.

1. Know your product

Start by looking at the products that will actually sell, which is a product that will sell in a product launch. These products can be any of the following:

  • Physical product – it can be e-commerce products or products that ship, which will work for you. Perhaps, you can sell custom-made products like selling merchandise. One example would be t-shirts or specific types of camping gear. Physical products sell very well with the product launch. 
  • Digital product – these products are pre-made or ready-to-go online courses. It may not be perfect, but you can sell it today.
  • Virtual product –  this applies to those people who are coaches or consultants who give consulting services to new customers. You are going to deliver a live product live.
Launch a Product with Live Streaming: Know your product

2. Order of operation

Here’s the list of processes to reach a buying audience.

  • Live stream list building– you need to live stream every week, and in every show, you ask people to join your list. You will do that by showcasing a great offer or offering them notes that will be important to them later on when they venture into your business. You need to build a list of new fresh deals every week to invite viewers to your launch.
  • Show+ new viewers+email list– you need to have a buying audience, and to generate that is to follow this formula. As long as you have 30-50 new people on your list every month, then you’ll be ready to launch your product to them.

3. Start an event

There are specific steps to prepare yourself in the fundamentals before launching your product.

  • Step 1. Host a webinar – you will invite viewers to attend a pre-launch training event. Commonly, it is a three-day or three-part event. In the webinar, you are not going to sell anything yet but promote a training event.
  • Step 2. Convert for higher commitment– you’re generating a hot list of pre-qualified buyers, and you are doing it in the webinar. You need to make people register for free. In this way, you gather all your list to a conversion which is the webinar.
  • Step 3.  Promote it like crazy–  promote your event in emails, Facebook, or running Facebook ads. One thing to remember, conduct the webinar every Wednesday, record it and replay it on Thursday. Then, you spend your weekend getting people enrolled in the three-day event. You are increasing the number of people that will enroll and get people to enroll.

4. Pre-Launch Your Product

You are going to sell your product to people. The first and most important thing to do is to host a pre-launch event. A pre-launch event is a three-day event designed to pre-qualify the audience and transition them into buying. What are you going to do in the three consecutive days?

  • Day 1 The Premise – This is where you lay out the fundamental issue, which is the core issue of your product. What is your product, what solution can it bring, and why are all known solutions failing? You may have 30 mins to discuss the content and 15 mins of Q&A.
  • Day 2 The Solution– You reveal Testimonials from clients on how you will solve these issues. You can mention tools and software. If you are brand new and still starting without testimonials, you don’t have to worry. You can use industry testimonials which means like other people’s testimonials. You can find the most successful personalities doing what you do and sharing their stories.
  • Day 3 The Sell – You will explain your product and sell it. Live selling to people should be a Wednesday or a Friday.  There is a term used for this: the ‘open cart’ where everything is live. Your product is live, your course is live, people can buy it from you now, and there is a current membership going around. The open cart days (assuming Thursday-Saturday) are spent on emailing, follow-ups, and texting people about your product.
Launch a Product with Live Streaming: Prelaunch your product

Live Streaming is the Product Launch Future

At this point, we may have to address the concerns that many will have. Is live streaming just one stage in the broader digital marketing timeline? It’s always risky, but there are three reasons why we think live streaming stays:

  • Large Audience – With various ideas, brands have the opportunity to reach people who have never known their name or product. Rather than reaching a predefined list of people with email marketing, live streaming can attract people you don’t even know might be interested.
  • New Opportunity:  As stated, there are great ways to engage with an audience regardless of your niche. Don’t assume that live streaming isn’t an option for your industry or audience; You may be surprised by how broad you can catch opportunities it will offer.
  • Rise of gadgets: Due to the increase of gadgets like smartphones, people can watch live streams even on the go.

In conclusion

Don’t be deceived easily on how digital marketing is successful at one try. There are no shortcuts you can take to ensure success. Taking risks in careful thinking may pay off, but it can also cost all the money to waste when engaging directly with what’s new or fashioned. Entrepreneurs need to assess and manage these risks. Live streaming is less risky. The companies already know to distribute channels, they need to reach wide audiences. Plus, we know that live streaming video works. If you do it right and give your audience what they want when they want it, they will come back to engage with your business.

How to Launch a Product with Live Streaming

How to Launch a Product with Live Streaming

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