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How to get Organised at Work – 5 step organisation plan

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How to Get Organised at Work – 5 step organization plan

I get this question a lot from YouTubers and Clients – How to get organised at work? How do You stay so organized? And it’s true, I have a talent for staying organized and staying focused on organization. That’s why my business does so well and today I want to share with you a simple 5 step system for staying organised.

How to Stay Organised at Work?

Have multiple “Catch All” Buckets

Keep notepads, sticky notes, etc., to catch all your ideas. We might be getting so many ideas when we encounter new things or on a day to day life. To save all those ideas that you are getting you need to keep something handy. If required you can give a colour code to ideas that fall into one category.

Have one Consolidated bucket

Keep one place such as  Wunderlist or Todo list, etc. to record all the ideas that you write in different places. Bringing all together in one consolidated bucket helps you keep track of everything at one place.

I use project management tool “Team Work” to track all my ideas and the projects. I organize everything by the end of the week so that I don’t have any pending work to take from that week to the next week. I come up with an empty list by Monday so that I can start fresh. This has a lot of psychological effects which gives a fresh feel.

Here is a complete full-length video explaining how to be organized

Have weekly organisation sessions

On Friday I tend to clean up my desk. I avoid working on weekends. I try to make table ready to get started on Monday without any pre-work.

Put those things on the Calendar

We waste a lot of time. We can manage that time on the calendar. If our day isn’t planned, a lot of time will be wasted wondering what to work on. Prioritize your tasks and schedule your calendar accordingly.

Colour Code the tasks in your Calendar

Colour code the tasks based on the categories. I usually colour code the tasks. I use purple for the tasks that I make money. I use green for the tasks that I don’t make money. This helps me to prioritize and see how urgent my task is.

It is always important to plan things in prior and acting accordingly. The more organised we are, the better results we can achieve in any task we do.

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