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Facebook Live Tips: From a Real Case Study

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Facebook Live Tips: From a Real Case Study

The year 2017 saw a blast in the live video industry. Once just limited to TV news, games, and shows, today we have expanded our boundaries. Regardless of the viewers, anybody with a Facebook account can record their live video and talk on any topic.

What really attracts people to live videos is the opportunity to earn potential income. To help out those interested in earning through Facebook Live, below are a few Facebook Live Tips to get started:

Facebook Live Tips

Product launches and reviews

This is one of my favorites. You can talk about any famous product launches and share your reviews about the product. For example, if you are into technology you can talk about Apple product releases and can share your review of the product.

You need to put your effort to understand the product and compare it with several other products in the market to give genuine information to your audience.

Attracting more viewers

You have made an excellent video. But without the audience watching your video it is of no use. To attract more viewers you need to announce your video before going live. Announce the time and date on your page in advance. Keep reminding your followers about upcoming videos and encourage them to share your video. Don’t make them irritated by keeping on talking about the product.

Write a fascinating description of the video. Understand what your audience look for and write accordingly.

Here’s a case study of raising $2500 from a Facebook Live Stream sharing Facebook Live Tips:


Stay connected with the audience

Having more number of followers isn’t important. Keeping your existing audience engaged is the most important thing. Ask them Questions if they have any. Keep conducting one on one sessions if your audience number is less.

Engage them with puzzles, polls and share them useful information. This keeps your audience engaged and encourage them to refer your business in their circle.

Host an Exclusive talk

If you are not having the ability to do local events then this is another alternative. Invite other speakers, talk about interesting topics and do as a physical event. If you want to sell tickets for any event you can host the broadcast via Facebook group where you could require payment to join, or make the broadcast public which increases your potential strength. Do a live stream like a boss.

Focus on content

If you want to attract many followers you need to have good content. This could be a serious damper on your dreams of earning from Facebook live. Hence you need to have genuine, consistent and high-quality content to attract number of people.

One should also consider right amount of time, a short video may leave viewers hungry for more likely to tune in next time. However, a long video has chances of attracting more viewers. See the ideal length of a video HERE.

A case study of earning money through Facebook live

Jaworski (A Professional Marketer):

A really cool live campaign that we did with our local police department here in Avon Indiana as outside of Indianapolis so we raised over two thousand five hundred dollars we had a huge awareness event and fundraiser where we had over 300 people from the community come with leaders as well as residents and family. it was awesome that’s all we got on Fox News we got on two local publications so our local Hendricks County newspaper, as well as a Town Post newspaper and we, got a lot of recognition throughout the community in terms of awareness and education what was it on was for the police department so we’re raising money for them but specifically around opioid awareness.

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