Create a Video Go Bag – Mobile Video Essentials for Entrepreneurs

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Create a Video Go Bag – Mobile Video Essentials for Entrepreneurs

Video Go bag

Not every business owner can afford a cameraman to accompany all the time. Having a Video Go Bag keeps you ready to capture any video without additional efforts.

For example, what if you need to capture a video testimonial? What if there is a convention in town? What if u want to shoot a video for the project you finished?

With a simple mobile video setup, you can shoot at any place at any time. Today I am going to share information on How to create a Video Go Bag that will help you to capture a great video and delivers your message for your business.

My aim is to help business owners to create an effective video by Video Go Bag for their video marketing that drives traffic and generates leads and get more sales for them.

For the Video setup, we have two options they are Basic setup and Advance setup:

Basic setup

Basic setup is a grab and go setup.  We need BUBM bag, tripod. With this setup, we can shoot a video which we need for our business. This BUBM bag can be fit into a bag pack easily.

Before shooting one should know where to shoot? What to shoot? And then Make a list of things that are needed for shooting. They are

Its good to have a minimum 50inch Video Tripod.  And have a little taller tripod so that the camera has an eye level on you.  The next piece of equipment you are goanna need is a Smartphone/ iPhone Adapter that going to hold your smart phone/ Iphone that you are going to use.

There are a variety of smart phone adapters that you can buy in the market place. Smart phone adapters can’t fit the iPad or tablets. And make sure you have a backup adapter with you.

Video tripod will have an arm which is useful to move the angle of the smart phone very smoothly and you can have up and down shots very smoothly.

There will be a level to adjust on a tripod to make sure you have an equal level when you set your tripod before installing your smartphone. Attach the mobile device according to which way you want to shoot.

Personally, I use Jackery backup charger which can give backup charging for four hours. Use a mobile ring light if needed. There are Mobile ring light with three different levels of light with a clip on its back which can be clipped on the back and it’s a usb charge device, where you don’t need batteries to operate the device. Place the Mobile ring light around the camera.

The other thing you need is Ollo clip lens adapter with two different lens Macro lens / Fish eye and Wide-angle lens. Wide-angle lens is used for wide angle range like in conferences or a workshop where you want to cover whole space for the key note speeches and every other wide range videos are possible.

The last thing you need before you start to shot your video is Micro Phone. There are two kinds of Microphones.

One is a simple plug-in microphone with which you can clip it up to yourself and plug rest of it into the camera with this you get a high quality audio.

Second one is a two person smartphone / iPhone adapted microphones which is used while interviewing. You are good to shoot your video with these facilities in the basic setup.


Advanced setup

If you want an advance way to shoot your video, then it’s a GATOR CASE. It has a hard shell to protect the equipment inside and has a steady grip to handle.

All these devices are less than 10 pounds which will not be hard to carry around. Advance setup is commonly used for conferences and shooting which is something important.

Before shooting one should know where to shoot? What to shoot? And then make a list of things which are needed for shooting.


In the advanced setup, all you need is to have a Video Go Bag for video marketing you need a DJL to handle held Osmo Mobile device .

This device is phenomenal it’s not expensive its worth less then 250$. DJI device has the capability to add an arm or a microphone or any additional tools needed. It’s a Hand-held device where the person can walk through while shooting and the device helps to stabilize.

The device as Osmo Arm which can withhold any smart phone/ iPhone accordingly. Once the mobile is adjusted it can be locked and the device can be ON with which you can start using the device by rotating and follow the action happening.

This device will automatically adjust. You can use Samson Wireless system which is wireless microphone device which attaches right at the back of the mobile.

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