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Generate Leads on YouTube with a Push Video Content Strategy.

lead generation videos like this one are simple for Youtube

You’ll generate leads on YouTube if you have a strategy for the videos you make. Companies that just film videos and schlep them on the web rarely ever achieve lasting success and then they quit making video because “it didn’t work.”  Make sure to write one Don’t let that be you.  The YouTube Algorithm is…

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5 Best Tools for Videos Every Company Should Use

man uses tools for videos on his computer

I’ve said it before, maybe even a million times, but I’m saying it again: Video is critical for growing a business. Videos help potential customers learn about you and your services. They illustrate how to use your products. Videos are incredible for SEO. They help customers tell your story. And perhaps most importantly, videos drive…

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7 Essential Videos Every Company Needs

Videos for business marketing

7 Essential Videos Every Company Needs When a person lands on your page the first thing they think of is what is the website about? How they do? And what is the benefit for me? If you can answer these questions you are successful in grabbing their attention. Video is one power tool to answer…

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Storybrand: How to engage your customers?


Storybrand: How to engage your customers? StoryBrand: Green Stop Signs Recently a friend of mine (Anthony) shared with me a story of how he stopped at a stop sign. As his car came to a halt, the vehicle across the way drove passed him and the gentle voice of the radio blended into the sounds…

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5 tips to grow on YouTube fast like “Nick Nimmin”

Grow on Youtube

5 tips to grow on YouTube fast like “Nick Nimmin” Nick Nimmin share his secrets to grow on YouTube channel and getting more subscribers and views. Nick’s success was not accidental and instant but it’s long-term hard-work as a Youtuber. I have known Nick Nimmin since he had 400 subscribers. He had grown to 184k subscribers…

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Top 3 Tips to make a Promotional Video

Promotional Video

Top 3 tips to make a Promotional Video A promotional video is the most important thing for every business during campaigns.  In the era of the Digital World, a video is more viewed compared to any other format. Studies have shown that consumers are 64% more likely to purchase a product or service that has…

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