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Why I Make Square Videos for Much of My Content

screenshot of a square video meme I made

The Backstory to Why I use Square Videos About a year or so ago, I was trying to watch a video on Facebook with my phone, which is my preferred way to scroll my feed. I felt frustrated because the video I wanted to watch was so small. I had to keep flipping my phone…

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Biz of Video Ep 023: Content Marketing, Repurposing Video, & Social Media Marketing with Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is a video content marketing expert Create great video content and put it everywhere. While most YouTubers and video creators keep it in the family, Brian Fanzo is a video content marketing expert and he’ll share his tips for growing your small business with video content marketing Binge Watch More Episodes:… Download…

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How to Make a Free Facebook Messenger Chatbot [Video Tutorial]

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are the coolest addition to your online and social media marketing. The top marketing conferences in 2017 spent a great deal of time discussing chatbots and similar artificial intelligence (ai) marketing technology. Both the Traffic and Conversion Summit and Social Media Marketing world placed a strong emphasis on chatbots for engagement. Well,…

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The five essential tools you need for video production

If you’re new to video production, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of exactly what you need to get started. These five tools will help you get on your feet and get you started in video marketing in no time. 1. DSLR Video Camera Having a video camera is essential. Consider getting a…

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11 Textured Backgrounds For Your Next Outdoor Recording Session

Recording outdoors can be tricky because you need to make sure your background isn’t too busy, or overexposed. To make your next  session easier, we’ve compiled a list of great textured backgrounds that will keep the focus on you, without being boring. 1.Brick Wall  This one’s a classic. The traditional evened redbrick will bring back…

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