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Why I Make Square Videos for Much of My Content

screenshot of a square video meme I made

The Backstory to Why I use Square Videos About a year or so ago, I was trying to watch a video on Facebook with my phone, which is my preferred way to scroll my feed. I felt frustrated because the video I wanted to watch was so small. I had to keep flipping my phone…

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4 Easy Tips to make your Real Estate Video more Welcoming

Photos are imperative to any real estate listing, be it on a company site, social media, or classifieds. However, if you want your listing to sell, having a video tour is the way to go! But rather than just shooting a walking tour of your interior, here are some tips to make your video sell…

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Mobile Video Editing Workflow

WE CAN EDIT YOUR FOOTAGE If you have footage from your smart phone or other camera, we can edit that footage together and create a marketing video! We’ve been offering this service under the table for years but with the exponential growth of smart phones and consumer camera’s, it seems many businesses have footage that need…

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11 Textured Backgrounds For Your Next Outdoor Recording Session

Recording outdoors can be tricky because you need to make sure your background isn’t too busy, or overexposed. To make your next  session easier, we’ve compiled a list of great textured backgrounds that will keep the focus on you, without being boring. 1.Brick Wall  This one’s a classic. The traditional evened redbrick will bring back…

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Heytell Voice Text to Improve Productivity

Heytell is incredibly reliable and found it when Owen was looking for a solution for voice messaging while on the car. Heytell is great for driving and when in a place where you really do not want to fumble with your phone which improves your productivity. Heytell also is great for messages that are too…

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How to close apps on ios7

This blog will show you how to close apps on ios7. In the classic Apple Iphone system for closing apps, all you have to do is: 1. Double-tap the home button- this will bring up all open apps on the bottom of the screen 2.Then press-and-hold any of the icons- this will put the X…

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