Storybrand: How to engage your customers?


Storybrand: How to engage your customers? StoryBrand: Green Stop Signs Recently a friend of mine (Anthony) shared with me a story of how he stopped at a stop sign. As his car came to a halt, the vehicle across the way drove passed him and the gentle voice of the radio blended into the sounds…

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Why I Make Square Videos for Much of My Content

screenshot of a square video meme I made

The Backstory to Why I use Square Videos About a year or so ago, I was trying to watch a video on Facebook with my phone, which is my preferred way to scroll my feed. I felt frustrated because the video I wanted to watch was so small. I had to keep flipping my phone…

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4 Easy Tips to make your Real Estate Video more Welcoming

Photos are imperative to any real estate listing, be it on a company site, social media, or classifieds. However, if you want your listing to sell, having a video tour is the way to go! But rather than just shooting a walking tour of your interior, here are some tips to make your video sell…

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The five essential tools you need for video production

If you’re new to video production, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of exactly what you need to get started. These five tools will help you get on your feet and get you started in video marketing in no time. 1. DSLR Video Camera Having a video camera is essential. Consider getting a…

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Tips for On-Location Shooting

WHAT TO EXPECT ON SHOOTING DAY On-location video shoots are the best way to demonstrate the culture and care that your business provides to your customers. There is no amount of images, animations, or voice-over work that will outperform the experience a viewer receives when watching your business live and in-action. This page will prepare…

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About Videospot

About Us We Provide High-Impact YouTube & Video Marketing Services Designed to Grow Your Reach and Convert Your Audience Four Core Services To Serve You Video Production Online Video Marketing Training Courses Private Consulting We provide hi-impact YouTube and video marketing services  designed to grow your reach and convert your audience. From Facebook video ads to YouTube Channel…

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Tips on link building

If you want people to know about your website, you need links to your site. A website without any links to it is like a house without any windows or doors. In their TOS, Google doesn’t state that it is wrong to email other Web masters and ask them if they would be willing to…

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