Business Goals – How to set a 90 day Business Plan

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Business Goals – How to set a 90-day Business Plan

Business Goals

At the beginning of every quarter business owner plans to improve their business compared to earlier quarter. Workflow process, new marketing strategies and other things will be verified and planned for the next three months. Having a 90 day Business Plan will help the business to be on the path as we wanted.

Having a well-structured plan is needed to reach the goal for a particular quarter. As a consultant, I understand the vision, mission, products and services of my clients and help them to stick to the goals. I will share some tips and tricks of 90-day business goals and goal setting plans to help your business grow for real.

Before diving into the topic I would emphasize the fact that it is important to ensure whether the Goals are completely in the sink with business strategy and action.


What are Goals?

Goals are nothing but what you would like to accomplish within a particular time frame. The goals you set should be measurable, viable and comparable to the existing competition.

As per the goals, the marketing strategy will be broken down. For example, your 90-day goal is to get 10,000+ subscribers so your marketing plan should be consistent with the goal.

The marketing strategy to reach 10,000+ subscribers should be like, to post 35 videos per month.

But if you could post only 25 videos which means you will reach 80% of your goals. Which is okay, but the unacceptable thing is when the person has posted only 7 videos among 35 videos then they are not even near to their goal to get 10,000+ subscribers.

Monitoring  the channel performance every week, such as, how many videos are being posted, how many twitter posts, what is the presences in social media, all these done will add miracle value by the end of the quarter .

Every business should always be very carful while showcasing their business to the world. They should re-verify whether their business purpose is able to reach correctly to the customers.

Holiday season is a crucial part of the year for every business owner. Since kids are home they start exploring a lot of options on their iPad. Businesses should focus on GSA (Goals, Strategy, Action).

Having weekly accountability sections with their team. Will help them to build new strategies and get their business done accordingly.

During this 90 day game plan, setting weekly meetings is part of it. These meetings are for analysis on business. Having two ways of answers such as Yes or No will be easy to analyses.

Having 5 numbered score card during weekly accountability meeting will help the business owners and youtubers to get their progress for the week easily.

Adding the following questions to your weekly meeting (especially if you are into video making) will do wonders.

  • Videos uploaded
  • Watch time
  • Channel commented
  • Social shares

Following are the most common topics that are applicable for every business to include in their weekly meetings:

  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Revenue
  • Margin on the revenue
  • Website (sections) tracking


If you start following whatever you have strategized for your next 90 days after a thorough research then you can see the results that you wish for. However, sometimes every business has to go some sort of scarcity. So you also need to have a backup plan ready every time irrespective of whether it is required.

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