Best Lead Generation Strategy for Any Business [VIDEO]

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Lead Generation Is Simple.

In this live video presentation, Owen Hemsath (President of Videospot video marketing) will be covering the reason why your website is not generating any leads. Watch the video below (LIVE or replay, depending on when you find this blog).

Lead generation systems are often missing parts. This is why the funnel is so important. Please watch the video blog for more details about Lead Generation Strategy

How to generate more leads from your website – Lead generation
• Why I am uniquely qualified to teach this?
• Expert in video marketing
• Lead generation for over 10 years
• Conversion rate specialists
• Analytics
• Worked with the biggest names in the business

Questions that you may have..
Where’s the Funnel? Why is it not converting? What is happening? Where are the leads going? Why are leads bouncing?

Lead generation is a process. A Lead generation simple funnel starts with the 1. Traffic source and they lead to 2. Your free Offer (which is always most likely a free consultation, consumers are smarter than that) which is placed on your landing page which can lead to no conversion or 3. conversion/Your Paid offer where your prospect either turn to a. customer or b. still a potential prospect that you put on an 5 part auto responder. (Creating touch points on auto – responders are very important in lead generation because it creates a constant idea that you are there and persistent and that a time would come that your content would appeal to them and get their attention.)
after the 5th part of your auto- responder, you put the client back to offering your free offer.

lead gen image
Your Lead generation OFFER should be
• Free
• Downloadable
• Opt-In Required
• Based on Keyword Research (should not be based on what you think your customer needs but rather what they really need based on a research) and you can use the Google Keyword planner (a free software) to generate the correct keyword analysis which makes it data driven

You have got to be constructing an offer that people are actually searching for so when they search for it, they find you on your homepage with a button to the offer or better yet… They find the landing page that’s got what they need to hear and the free offer with it. And that’s is part of how to generate leads.


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Owen Video is the CEO of Owen Video where we teach service-based business owners how to get more customers FASTER with online video marketing. Owen is a pioneer in the industry and a regular contributor to Tubebuddy, Agorapulse, GetResponse Email Marketing, and BeLive.TV and he's also the host of The Business of Video Podcast.

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