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Benefits of attending Conferences – with Jeremy Vest

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Benefits of attending Conferences – with Jeremy Vest

Today I am at Clamourcon. It is a private event where 600 of the biggest YouTubers and the companies who work with and for the YouTubers in the world come together. All the YouTubers come together to know each other and collaborate their ideas and develop their circle.

Here I am with Jeremy Vest discussing the benefits of attending conferences for Youtubers:

Share the knowledge and discuss your concerns

Getting top minds of YouTubers together will help to validate a lot of concerns. While meeting all the leading YouTubers we get to know about the issues which are beyond the platform issues it’s about monetization, how to get membership sites to work and many other core issues.

Not every Youtuberr get the invitation for the Clamourcon. One should network with the people who attend the event and get knowledge from them. YouTube is a platform where one can learn and get coaching for everything, how to do Thumbnails, tags, etc.,

Learn from the competitors

It’s always good to learn from the competitors, how are they improving, how are they doing, what are they doing. Every youtuber will have a dilemma where are they lacking behind, how to do better than their competitors. Sign-in to Jeremy’s channel “creator dilemma” in YouTube. This channel will help the youtuber to clear their dilemma’s and do well with their channel.


Every youtuber will have a confusion which event or conference or workshop to attend. The aim of attending the conferences or event or workshop is to develop their network and get to meet many other peers to have a discussion to build their channels well. So attend as many conferences as possible. This will increase your knowledge and keeps you motivated.

Here is an article explaining how to network at a conference.

The more events you attend the better you become in marketing your channel and can educate a lot of people about your channel and knowledge you are sharing. This also helps you to learn and grow as a professional Youtuber.

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