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WORKSHOP: Best Audio Gear for Live Streaming on any Platform

In this training you'll discover the best gear to get for every camera set up. You can watch this video on the next page and we'll send you a link to watch it on-demand and we'll include the supporting PDF guides.

WHAT is it?

This 40-minute workshop includes a pre-recorded video training along with a fill-in-the blank PDF workbook & guide.

WHO is it for?

Designed for on-camera presenters and YouTube creators who want to look more professional on camera.

WHY watch it?

You'll learn what character traits make you more likeable and how to write those traits into each and every video.

Owen hero 2020 red wall

PRESENTER: Owen Video, YouTube Coach

This workshop is designed for the person who wants to be more energetic and exciting on camera but it's also a great resource for someone who is might be overly energetic on camera as well. In the training you'll learn what traits make charismatic people intriguing and you'll learn how to duplicate those charateristics with corresponding body language on camera. First, we'll talk about what charisma is and then we'll talk about 7 different body language triggers you can use to appear more