4 Easy Tips to make your Real Estate Video more Welcoming

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Photos are imperative to any real estate listing, be it on a company site, social media, or classifieds. However, if you want your listing to sell, having a video tour is the way to go! But rather than just shooting a walking tour of your interior, here are some tips to make your video sell your real estate instantly.

1. Introduce yourself

Start your video with a little personal introduction. By only showing the interior of the house, it objectifies and makes it feel impersonal. The video allows individuals the ability to relate easily and gives them a sense that they are touring a friend’s house.


2. Be present

Whether you are actually in the shot, showcasing the rooms as you travel through them, or choose to use a simple voice over instead, being present in the video brings life to space, and helps it seem more like a home rather than a house.


3. Show the neighborhood

This is not only selling the house and the surrounding area but rather is making your real estate seem more friendly and welcoming. You want your viewers to not only visualize themselves living in your home, but feel like they, or someone they know, already do.


4. Show before and after

If you have photos of your home before you moved in, integrate them into your video to show your transformation, and even talk about the experience a bit. This reassures your viewers that they too can make space their own.


By adding a personal touch to your video, the objectiveness of the house is slightly taken away, making people feel more comfortable and at ease when considering it. A personal video also allows them to visualize it better as a home, rather than a house.

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