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3 Steps to Increase Sales Through Online Video

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Increase Sales

Have you been searching for the Quickest, Simplest and Easiest way to get a video marketing campaign that actually generates leads and increase sales?

Is your goal to have a steady stream of people interested in your service? If you run a service-based business, you have to check out these 3 simple steps to get your video making waves online.

Now, these steps are not just a one time, one offer type deal. The genius here is that this a process by which you can create a duplicatable, scalable model that will make you money while you sleep.

Keep in mind, this is just the beginning of a larger funnel that we call the video sales funnel. That funnel takes a bit of time to pull together, but this right here is a smaller version to get that first video established for your business.

You can put this campaign together, today, with stuff that you already have!



Step 1: Make a video about your business

The foundation for any service-based business that generates leads and makes online sales is having a killer sales video.

What does making a great video even mean?

First and foremost, your video making skills should focus on the message and not the equipment. Your leads will definitely be more interested in your service and your message than how clear you appear on screen. To know what videos your company should make for more sales you can check my blog 7 Essential Videos Every Company Needs.

Now ask yourself, who are you making this video for? What is the demographic?

This part you should already know. This is your target audience. You know who uses your service. However, this might be a large variety of people and it may be slightly different depending on if you offer multiple services. Even if your services provides for a large base of people, this time you need to focus on a niche or subset of your clientele. Consider narrowing it down to a specific interest and age.

Increase sales through online video

For example:

– Stay at home moms ages 32-45 or

– Retired parents ages 65-75.

Find a very specific person with a very specific problem and then speak to them in this video. Subsequently, you can create multiple videos that target each type of specific subset of customers.

Next, your video needs to serve a need.

Each subset of customers has a problem and your service will be the answer.

– If you are a plumber, maybe you are targeting stay at home moms that have backed up pipes and need help.

– Or perhaps, you are a financial planner showing retirees how to continue to save through retirement without spending it all on their adult children or grandchildren.


Address your audience and target their need. What can you do for them?

In your video offer something for free

– Like an estimate, an assessment, an analysis or a phone call.

– Your goal is to offer an easy way for them to give you their information (i.e. name, phone number and email).


Step 2: Boost video on facebook

So now, you’ve just made this incredible video, right?

– You have determined your audience, you spoke to their needs and solved their problems. Your next step is to get that baby uploaded to your Facebook page.

– Now, when you upload this video to your Facebook page, a little blue button will pop up that says ‘boost.’ You might have seen this before and may have ignored it. Now is the time to use this button.

– Boosting your video means that for a few bucks you can put this video right directly in the lap of your target audience. You picked your super targeted audience before you made your video, now choose the same people to advertise to on Facebook. You can read more on how to close sales online here.

At this point, you do not need to hire someone with Facebook ads experience. Boosting a video is pretty straight forward. This video campaign will be easy to follow and edit if need be. Here’s a video on How to Do That…

But, before you start your campaign, you need to finish one last step…


Step 3: Link awesome video to contact form on your website

Your website should already have a contact form.

-You can use this existing contact form on your website as a landing page for your Facebook ad.

-The other option, if available to you, is to create a custom form that is used solely for the purpose of the boosted Facebook video.

-A custom contact form will make the whole process seamless. Your leads will be ready to contact you quickly!

-A custom contact form will give your leads confidence in your service. You can lose customers if the page looks too generic.

Keep in mind, however, a working funnel is better than no funnel at all. You will be able to see where people stay and click, or where they jump ship. You can tweak and manipulate until you get the responses you desire.


“Remember, one qualified lead is better than 5 unqualified lead.“

If you choose to go the extra mile with a customized contact form, there are tons you can with it.


For example:

-You can say things like “thank you for clicking our Facebook ad” and “tell us more about your problem.” Following the flow of your Facebook ad to the landing page will bring it all together.

-Once you have captured their information, there’s one more brilliant step you can take.

-Consider following it up with a calendar page like, Calendly, to automatically schedule their appointment. This might not work for the specific ad you are making, but it is awesome if you can make it fit.

Having a lead fill out this form is important whether you get a sale or not. Now, you likely have more information about the type of people interested in or using your service.


Capturing their contact information will also launch an email marketing campaign. You can continue to be in contact with this lead until they are ready to use your services.

Nurturing emails are great to keep your business on their mind. A nurturing email can tell the lead how fabulous your business is or perhaps another problem you can fix for them. Of course, the goal of these emails is to send that lead back to your appointment setting page. It is all a process, and the nurturing emails are the extra piece that gets lead generated at all hours of the day.

And there you have it! A video sales funnel that is quick and easy to put together. It is also one that will generate leads if done properly.


Final Thoughts
These 3 steps to increase sales through online video is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the starting point for any service-based business that is ready for an online marketing strategy. Getting this small sales funnel working flawlessly will lead you to create a larger sales funnel, which means even more leads and more sales.

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